Cold or not at all

Cold not to all I must say, but you’d when you need to protect yourself from getting victimised. Kindness can be mistaken for naivety by some, so it’s better to keep your heart on check from time to time.


The Mirror

Your mind is your mirror. It shows exactly what it is, especially when it comes to the wrong decisions you’ve taken. It throws you over the edge whilst you beg to back off, you think it does? It stands stauch in tell you what the truth is even if it destroys itself.

Mirror mirror on the wall, you know who tells the truth of all? Your only mind has the gall.

~ Wordzy

Two Hearts

Two hearts never merge to swell in love that’s fair, instead they find a big to embed themself.

– Wordzy

Brain On Fire

When you set your brain on fire with unpleasant thoughts that suffocates you, remember your heart is slowly turning into ashes. Both brain and heart are inter-related. There forms a bridge between your brain and the heart. And the blocks of the bridge are your thoughts. The stronger your thinking is, be it both negative or positive, both your brain and the heart are the holding the ends. It’s a game of two, remember.

~ Wordzy


The promise of our friendship is so delicate
that it breaks like a feeble thin glass.
Why do we form a thin glass surrounding us?
What is our feeble glass made up of?
It’s the aura of our friendship,
the respect and love we exhibit for eachother.
It takes the form, visible to our human eyes.
We are often not satisfied on how it looks
and it’s so easy for any of us to break free.
You know why? The energy field we formed is frail.
Another problem I see is we trap ourselves
inside a glass called expectation
in the name of friendship. Isn’t?
We see our friendship written all over that glass,
looks so pathetic that it breaks itself.
And If friendship is all about the stipulated time of companionship, enveloping around us. It’s meant to be knocked down.
The thing is we notice things like respect, love and time for eachother. When we take a look at them,
they are not as we expected them to be, right?
Why form something delicate, patterned and overt?
Why can’t it be unconditional, timeless and selfless?
We would never have the answer until we find the one.
who take their seat not just beside us but in our hearts.
That I say, beats for us and lives for us.
Ever felt like that?
We’ll, if we had them in our hearts.

~ Wordzy


Every painful process we go through in life is chiselling you to give Your shape. It’s not about sculpting an idol out of a rock that I’m talking about. Even if you are a rock you are destined to be idol. Why not call it, what it will be and not what it was in the past?

You see, you might not know what idol you are but it’s sure you are going to get what meant to be yours. You. That’s right. You get yourself. The trivial is washed away from you and all that remains is you.

Isn’t it enlightening that all this long, you are just treasured inside yourself ? And all it needed to see yourself is just to dig in. Sculpt you. It’s finding your self. You are your only idol. Get away from the impurities to reach the divinity. The ultimate wisdom is attaining your form. You


It’s not Yours if it’s not You

If we pretend yourself to be another it is not transformation for better or anything, it just leaves you with nothing. If it’s not You then it’s not real. Anything that’s not real is just fantasy. Doesn’t exist. When it’s no longer you there is no value or uniqueness to it. The sad thing is your soul knows it. The guilt haunts you with disguises such that Nightmares and inner voice. It tells not but yells the bitter truth clear and loud. It is a mirror reflection showing you the face of a hypocrite, a coward hiding himself deep inside with no courage to show his self. You. How long? How long? Ask yourself.

~ Wordzy

A Poem On Undying Love

Even when we end our relationships, it still is alive in our thoughts. I mean, how bad the person might have made you feel but the good memories bloom in our thoughts keeping the Once-Unconditional-Love the same but the reality may say otherwise. Unconditional changes with circumstances and sometimes the words said. The below poem is on that thought of it.

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